MEDIU Second International Conference on Islamic Studies 2017

MICIS 2017

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Contemporary Islamic Studies and Emerging Issues

Shariah and Society



New developments have emerged in the Islamic reality which raised many ideological, doctrinal, and da’wa problems whereby there was necessity to make a stand to address these realistic issues through studying the contemporary ideas and ideologies in a critical and analytical way and attempting to look for solutions that emanate from the general principles of Islam and the objectives of the shariah.

Therefore, this conference seeks to create an opportunity for a scientific meeting where researchers, intellectuals and students can lead a constructive to study a number of the most important contemporary issues in the field of Islamic studies.

Objectives of the Conference:

The conference seeks to achieve the following:

  • Realizing the Quran perspective to tolerance.
  • Clarifying the Islamic perspective to the concept of coexistence.
  • Demonstrating the role of the shariah in the achievement of social peace.
  • Reviving the culture and acceptance of differences in the Muslim societies.
  • Highlighting the social role of the Islamic studies.
  • To suggest developmental visions for the Islamic studies researches and curricula in the light of the society contemporary needs.

Conference Topics:

Researches are accepted in the following topics:

  • Quranic studies and the culture of tolerance.
  • Social peace in the shariah.
  • The culture of difference in Islam.
  • Coexistence in the prophetic tradition.
  • Arabic language and Muslim affiliation.
  • How to employ Islamic studies in the development of the society.
  • Islamic education and the social structure.


Kelab Shah Alam Selangor

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